How To Download Casino Games

A step by step instruction on downloading casino games.


First of all choose the intended casino site you wish to download your game from.

You can browse through our no deposit casino games list to see which types of casino games each online casino no deposit sites have

For this How to download casino games tutorial I chose the site as it gives a very large welcome bonus and promotional offer, but this step by step tutorial is intended for any casino site.

 Step 1. I type in the name of the casino site I’m looking for.

How to download casino games step 1







Step 2. When the site loads, scroll down and search for the download button.

I chose the EuroCity game to download. Click on the “download” button. Don’t forget to check the Bonuses which are offered.

How sto download casino games step 2







Step 3. Fill in your required details, if you want to recieve more promotional offers and bonuses to your E-mail tick the little white box to confirm.

How to download casino games step 3







Step 4. In my case the download bar already pops up on the screen, all that is left to do is click on the “OK” button. For different casino sites, search for the “Download Now” buttons.

How to download casino games step 4






Step 5. Congratulations! The game is being downloaded to your computer now, all you have to do now is to install it. A grey screen will appear with the terms and agreements of the online casino you choose. Check the “I accept the agreement” option.

How to download casino games step 5









Step 6. Your almost done. Be sure to observe the shortcuts added to your computer if you need all of them. I suggest keeping on the Desktop Shortcut. Click on the “Install Button”.

How to download casino games step 6









Step 7. That’s it! The game is currently being installed, click finish when its done installing. You will have an icon on your desktop with them casino’s logo, click on it to play.

How to download casino games step 7










Enjoy your game! This is all you need  to know on how to download casino games. If you have any more questions on how to play casino games or which are the best online casinos out there please check the rest of the site.