Welcome Bonuses

1000 welcome bonus

The promotional offer made by most casinos online is the welcome bonus (also know as first time bonus). The biggest eye attraction online casinos have, since the prize means actual real cash (if the player wins).

There is no specific amount, each casino provide their own bonus offer. The sign up bonuses/welcome bonuses are among the highest percentage of bonus offer, in comparison to players who get a bonus with each deposit they make as a regular basis, or the weekly bonuses.

All these huge bonuses on site are depending on the amount of cash you deposit. The bonuses are given in percentages.

For example, if a player deposits 50$ and the bonus percentage is 200. The player would have a his/her own 50$ to play with an additional 100$ amount.

The billed deposit bonuses provide bigger rewards, but the no deposit welcome bonuses provide eye catching rewards just as well.

The billed deposit bonuses – An account made where you already cash in a deposit and start playing with the welcome bonus $ amount + your deposited amount of money.

The no deposit welcome bonus – Playing solely on the welcome bonus amount. The account is made without a deposit.

These bonuses are real money based and are by no means a fraud, however it is highly reccommended to read the bonus wager required and the rules of the game for each site you go to before getting excited over the welcome bonus amount.

Be sure to check the bonus terms and conditions not to get an unexpected surprise later on, especially if and when you reach the point of investing a deposit.

The usual requirement for withdrawing the welcome bonus is the amount of times the player must wager in the game.

320% welcome bonus

Casino online have a lot of promotional gifts to offer. Be sure to take advantage of all of them!